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In today’s world, the pace of life is quite frenetic, with time as one of our greatest treasures, it is important a diet that allows us to survive in the face of so much debauchery. Most of the meals we consume, as a result of that lifestyle mentioned above, are designed for rapid and very rapid intake. However, although meals are designed for our routines, they are not designed for our organism and can be extremely harmful to our health. Processed foods encompass a growing variety of day-to-day products and the World Health Organization also indicates that those nutritious foods are too unbalanced. Many people still believe that healthy eating is directly related to weight loss, but truly, healthy eating provides other types of benefits, for example, “happiness.” Even without appearing it, eating healthy stimulates the taste buds, makes salt, sugar and fat much more sensitive to our palate, that is, it helps us to increase the perception of the essence of food in natural flavors. The vitality is a fundamental contribution of healthy food, we generate insulin in less quantity than with other types of foods with a lot of carbohydrate, so we have less sleep after eating. In the long term, healthy food is the only one that helps us reduce the risks of serious diseases in the future. Eating healthy greatly reduces stress, cortisol levels and we will be most of the time as a better mood.

There is no food that is perfect, that is, that concentrates all the components required in the correct dose. However, the infinite combination of ingredients offers us great advantages of building a meal with a very good balance. That is why it is good to mention that easy-to-find foods can be selected that are excellent for health, nutritious and also tasty. These are some of the most popular and healthy:

Apples: has a very high amount of antioxidant that fight free radicals (substances that cause undesirable changes such as aging and some diseases). Apples could be considered a miraculous fruit because it contains polyphenols that can increase our life expectancy, eating 1 apple a day is highly recommended and provides short-term benefits.

Almonds: are considered the second healthiest food, are rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, iron and calcium. They are the dry fruit with the highest fiber content. They diminish the appetite and help us not to gain weight, in addition their cardioprotective effects avoid the health problems related to the heart, in other words eating almonds every day can prolong our life.

Blue Fish: any type of blue fish (tuna, sardine, salmon, etc.) is very beneficial for our health. Its tissues contain high amount of Omega-3 that produces very positive effects to our heart and nervous system. Regular consumption of these fish or supplements with fish oil significantly reduce prostate cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Yoghurt: it is a great source of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The natural yogurt, that is to say, the one that does not contain an extra dose of sugars, possesses vitamins of group B, which turns this food into a perfect complement to act against the intestinal infections, helping in addition, to stabilize the flora, besides fighting vaginal infections.

Olive oil: this “liquid gold” of extra virgin quality helps the care of the skin, intervenes in the proper functioning of the liver, prevents aging and also has anticancer properties.

Carrot: although the zanohoria is very popular for its contributions to the sight and tanning of the skin, it has other incredible advantages such as combating constipation, the decomposition of kidney stones, the strengthening of nails and hair and even improves the quality of breast milk. The World Health Organization also announced in 2014 that this vegetable is part of a group of foods that help fight cancer.

Oatmeal: the interest for this product has increased a lot thanks to its benefits for our health, it has complex carbohydrates, soluble fiber in water, and improves our digestion, it also stabilizes our glucose levels, some acids of the blood and potassium.

Green leafy vegetables: the high consumption of these vegetables, such as spinach or cabbage, significantly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. These vegetables have a high content of antioxidants, vitamins A, B6, C and E. It is recommended to eat green leafy vegetables that are raw, steamed or lightly boiled.

Kiwi: this fruit contains many antioxidants and vitamins in great variety, one of the most important is vitamin C, it helps us to maintain high levels of defense of our immune system, promotes blood circulation, improves our bones and It counteracts anemia, the kiwi keeps us hydrated and provides fiber.

Garlic: this is a product that many people do not like, especially because of its strong strong odor that can leave on the breath after eating something that has a lot of garlic. However, it has a high antioxidant content (lysine and quercetin), therefore it helps to prevent colds.

Although only solid products have been mentioned, liquids are also vital for our body to function effectively, that is why we can not omit them in our healthy diet, water is the best of all fluids for our body. With some fruits you can make very healthy and tasty drinks that will benefit our wellbeing and that we will undoubtedly enjoy. The human body is composed mostly of water, that is the reason why liquids are necessary to help our blood to transport nutrients and waste from the body, they have a very active participation in the chemical reactions of our cells.

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